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Why do I feel like life is the battle of doing what you know you should be doing versus what you feel like doing? That's just how it is I guess. But this is a battle I'm going to have to win. Unlike every song on the planet that says, "they told me I wouldn't win"... no one ever says that to me. I The problem is that I feel the opposite from so many people. You know words are groggy, but you can trust actions, right? RIGHT????? Wrong. Actions are just as a bust,I'll tell you why on my next post... be sure to subscribe.


Outfit Details


A fresh pair of AF1s, these were only worn London, when I wore them with that grey suit.


So this is a cop-out, but I got them off of a wholesale vendor a year back, I was going to sell them on shopDeano..


Orange H&M hoodie, but I bought it before the boycott lmfao

Then a Durag and my Signature shades

#nike #af1

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