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How To Make Cartoon Air Forces

So I was on IG and I saw this dope concept by Joshua Vides, but it was on one of those hypebeast streetwear pages (that I love btw) and I was like this would be really dope to do for youtube. It can be done by anyone, and I'd advise everyone to do it if your looking for a way to bring back old air forces. All you need is a couple sharpies. You can check out the video tutorial here

Here's the product list:

regular sharpies (you'll need about 2-3 because the shoe strings absorb a lot of ink)

fine point sharpies:

2 oil based sharpies:

sealer if you plan to wear:

Air Forces:

Clothing Pictured: Overly Focused Tracksuit (@OverlyFocusedClothing)

Chains: Deano 2.0 chains (

#howto #diy #af1

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