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Learning Your Worth

Tracksuit: Banni Peru

I'm wearing a size small & it can be purchased at

Here's me promising that I'll give this a shot and be 10x more consistent. (We'll see in June) I don't want to make this too long because I don't want to make this such a task that it begins to bother me...or you...or my hands. Long story short...don't question yourself. Most of what you think first is true, most of what you have to formulate in your mind is just your vivid imagination. I often question myself because I always feel like I'm not doing enough. I even connect this with the way that people treat me. I've always felt like, maybe if I do more, get more recognition people will receive me better, or treat me better. This is literally the worst way to think because if people treat you bad already then fuck them already. But...I'm being super honest...all walls down, so I'll continue. Anyway, I've just been noticing people imitating things that I so often question myself...I'll be all like, "that wasn't received well, maybe I did too much"...but then it'll be on Joe Schmoe. MF's WILL NOT acknowledge anything that you do...but they see you. You are already it. You already are who you want to be perceived as. Even if you do not see it in yourself yet, carry yourself with high regard regardless. Confidence is built on faith, or at least mine is. I know that God has everything that I want behind the work he wants me to put in...that's faith...that's the reason that I'm confident. Hopefully, you can find value in your wits and flaws, because after all, you already ARE.



#confidence #selfvalue

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