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Dear White People...Season 2 Review

Hello White People. lmfao...I mean Dear...whatever.

This season 2 was really good. Netflix being Netflix, of course I'll have to wait until next season to really fulfill my crave of what I was craving for this season. This season was def a stepping stone for the next season, a bride if you will. The thing was good enough for me to be ok with that. Ultimately, I wanted this season to be the full stomach that I had to push the plate aways when I was done, but sadly, it was not. To have to wait until next year to get the next season is so unfair...especially because I only ever get :30 minute episodes anyway. But I do like the character development this season. I've gotten to know so many more characters and even like some more than others. Spoiler Territory: This season had me cry my eyes out more than anything in a long time. Fun fact about me: I really love to cry when I watch movies and shows because it reminds me that I do in fact have feeling contrary to popular belief. I also like to cry because in some weird way its like I'm crying for myself. I feel so relieved because things tend to have a happy ending and that is all that I pray for as well. Nonetheless, The scenes where Sam went home to find out about her dad were so heart wrenching. What I really liked that was said came from Sam's mom. She told Sam that she did not get to have a monopoly of pain, and that was really an eye opener for me. In my day to day life I just feel like everyone around me is trying to monopolize pain, literally. Everyone want to claim it all as theirs, no one leaves any for me. But...f*ck that. Another thing that I enjoyed about the show...whether it be new or maybe I just wasn't paying attention was the historical addition. The way each show started with a little bit of history, of course so was made up for the purpose of the story, but HA! that's all history is anyway. I enjoyed that. What I enjoyed MOST is the mystery factor, I thought that was really cool. I really love mysteries and the secret society addition brought me back to my Cam Jansen days. I guess I always loved mysteries. Sometimes I feel like I'm relearning myself....

This show was fulfilling and would've been great to watch with a friend...I can't wait to watch the next season. Until Next Time Boss Dons....

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