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Confidently Lost.

when I tell y'all this has nothing to do with the racist Sabrina Claudio, I mean it. The point I'm trying to make is that I have so much to do but I trust that it will all work out. See the amount of things I have to do and want to do is the reason that I am lost...or lost so to speak. It's just that I lack guidance at times...I mean even guiding myself. The problem is I just want to do too much. Here it is, I sat out to do this blog and I haven't even been consistent. But I truly would love to be more consistent on here. Nonetheless, I truly know that all the things will work out. That is why I feel confident. I do believe that confidence is built with faith in God. That has at least been the case for me. I'll be back on here more, I promiiiseee. Please subscribe to the blog.

Outfit details:

Running Shirt: Thrifted (my mother is literally the best thrifter----)

Shorts: Zara ( I cut them myself, I have this new thing for skinny shorts)

Shoes: Vetements


Glasses: I'm not saying yet, but I got them from Nordys lol

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